Welcome to Purely Edible

Established in August 2019 at Kadampazhipuram, Palakkad, Kerala, India, as an answer to consumers need for first quality food ingredients

We are delighted to introduce our first product in the form of coconut oil at its purity – an essential ingredient in many authentic South Indian dishes.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to give consumers with first quality food products without any additives and preservatives at affordable price. In order to reach those objectives, we are sourcing raw materials from local farmers, hygienically processed and packed in small batches by ensuring that no harmful elements, additives, preservatives are added.

Our vision is to expand the product portfolio by adding more products in every upcoming years.


Our promise to society is that we will never deviate from our company mission i.e. providing premium quality products without any harmful additives and preservatives.

Contact Details

Purely Edible Condiments (OPC) Pvt Ltd,
14/820, Kadampazhipuram,
Palakkad, Kerala, 678633.

CIN: UI5490KL20190PC069121

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