Experience The Luxury Of Premium Coconut Oil

We source coconuts from local farmers. Coconuts are then dried using hot air dryers without sulphur treatment for storing long period of time. We select only the finest copra for further process , such copra is immediately expelled for coconut oil without preservation .

Amount of oil extraction from copra are carefully selected keeping the quality and taste in mind. Extracting last drop of oil from copra will have adverse affect in quality, smell and taste of coconut oil. Therefore, extraction of oil from copra is limited only to a certain level to maintain the quality and taste.

Our production method enables us to supply smokeless and sulphur free coconut oil to consumers.

Final product is packed in food grade material to retain the quality and freshness.

In our premium coconut oil, no additives and preservatives are added for maintain the low cost and increase the life time / usefulness / utility time of coconut oil and therefore the life time / usefulness / utility time period of our premium coconut oil is very short. This allows fresh coconut oil to arrive in your hands with minimal storage at retail centre.



Premium coconut oil
  • Available in both 500ML & 1L quantity

  • Self-standing spouted pouches

  • Spout is provided at corner for convenience of daily usage

  • Unrefined and has naturally yellowish colour

  • No artificial additives

  • No nasty preservatives

  • Sulphur free

  • Smoke free


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Palakkad, Kerala, 678633.

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